Newark People

Old Newark

Four Boys treated for rabies by Louis Pasteur

The Four Boys from Newark, NJ, treated for rabies by Louis Pasteur in late 1885.
Left to right : Austin Fitzgerald, William Lane, Eddie Ryan and Patrick Reynolds.
A well-known physician, Dr. William O'Gorman, recommended that the children be sent to Pasteur for treatment and issued his appeal:
" I have such confidence in the preventive forces of inoculation by mitigated virus that were it my misfortune to be bitten by a rabid dog, I would board the first Atlantic steamer, go straight to Paris and, full of hope, place myself immediately in the hands of Pasteur.... If the parents be poor, I appeal to the medical profession and to the humane of all classes to help send these poor children where there is almost a certainty of prevention and cure. Let us prove to the world that we are intelligent enough to appreciate the advance of science and liberal and humane enough to help those who cannot help themselves.."
- New York Herald Tribune, December 4, 1885.

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