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Tighe, Helen1069 views
Tighe, John C. & Dick647 viewsThese are my cousin's, Jack and Dick Tighe with the "new" head of the Social Security Dept here in New Jersey back around 1936 when Social Security first came about. They were both model's for various newspapers and magazines and stores in this area including Bamberger's. They were the first children in this area to have received a Social Security card.

Photo from Jule Spohn
Valli, Frankie455 viewsFrankie Valli (left) with Frankie DePaula
Vasiliion, Patricia388 viewsOutside George's Barber Shop 1940
Volick Family 1923870 viewsL to R: Mae, Ethel (my Mom), Sam (Carpenter), Rose (on lap), Harry & Ida.

Photo from Lynn Lipton
Walton, Al1063 views
Ward, Anna144 viewsAnna Ward, a 71 year old recluse (50 years), whose property was taken by condemnation in 1909 to build Riverbank (Riverfront) Park.
Warden, Jack (obit)1166 viewsFrom Joe Cummins:
I last remember talking to him in front of Carney's Confectionery store - Summer Ave and Elliott Street, probably in 1943. That was the hangout for many of Good Counsel High kids as well as neighborhood kids from Elliott St area/Summer Ave area. He was in paratroop uniform at the time, and possibly still on medical leave before going back overseas. I was probably 14-15 and in high school at the time.
Westerdale, William Anthony Aloysius981 viewsWilliam Anthony Aloysius Westerdale, B 1889 in NJ, Son of William J Westerdale (Swedish heritage) and Catharing McGovern (Irish heritage).
If anyone recognizes the area, please post in the comments section.
Photo from John Westerdale
White, David Churchill1374 views
Wiersing, William1318 views
Zwillman, Abner "Longy"1675 views
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