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Balot, Diana (Frank)43 viewsDiana Balot Frank‎, her brothers and sister, her sister’s friend, Valarie and two neighbors whose names I don’t remember. Easter 1963 or 1964. Homestead Park, Newark, NJJan 30, 2019
Unknown Group of Children38 viewsPhoto from the LOCJan 27, 2019
Army Nurses 194448 viewsTwenty-four of the first contingent of Afro-American nurses assigned to the European Theater of Operations land in England. August 21, 1944
Second row from the bottom, third from the left: Dorothy Guy from 50 13th Avenue, Newark, New Jersey
Photo and caption from the Library of Congress
Jan 27, 2019
A Little Sunbeam's Birthday Party64 viewsMarch 4, 1906Nov 30, 2018
Germantown83 viewsPhoto from "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" October 1876Nov 21, 2018
Fook Sang Tong51 viewsFirst Chinese Doctor in NewarkNov 11, 2018
Mug Shot60 viewsNov 04, 2018
Herbert, William Henry34 viewsNov 04, 2018
30 Orange Street42 views1868 MapNov 03, 2018
Britting, Margaret56 viewsJune 5, 1904Nov 01, 2018
67 viewsPhoto from Ralph ParoneSep 16, 2018
A Children's Party on Badger Avenue86 viewsJul 29, 2018
Little People Make Merry at a Park93 viewsJul 29, 2018
Sidewalk Plaque205 viewsPhoto from M C Mays PulliamJul 20, 2018
Beauregard, Wilson & Lawrence78 viewsPhoto from Allan F. WrightJun 28, 2018
1916227 viewsPhoto from "Official Programme Newark's Anniversary Industrial Exposition 1916"Feb 19, 2018
Frankie Valli464 viewsWith Frank DePaulaFeb 12, 2018
Children with Milk Tags336 viewsFeb 12, 2018
Aronson, Louis V.288 viewsVice President & Treasurer of the Art Metal WorksFeb 11, 2018
289 viewsFeb 10, 2018
225 viewsPhotos from "Essex County Illustrated 1897"Feb 08, 2018
Capolese Club566 views182 8th Avenue
Photo from Gonzalo Alberto
Feb 06, 2018
Early 1900's271 viewsFeb 06, 2018
Italian Christian Endeavor Group290 views1896
Photo from NJ Digital Highway
Feb 05, 2018
Italian Christian Endeavor Group 1896275 viewsPhoto from William ConeJan 29, 2018
248 viewsJan 24, 2018
Phil Lynch and is Metro Society Orchestra267 viewsPostcardJan 22, 2018
Elsa, Wilma270 viewsJune 1941
Photo from Francis Ross
Jan 15, 2018
Vasiliion, Patricia289 viewsOutside George's Barber Shop 1940Jan 05, 2018
Hibell, John (Truckman)249 viewsPhoto from Rebecca Clegg ScarpatoJan 04, 2018
Leather Manufacturers308 viewsPhoto from Essex County Illustrated 1897Dec 27, 2017
Well Known Citizens of Essex County256 viewsPhoto from Essex County Illustrated 1897Dec 27, 2017
Illegal Aliens296 viewsIllegal aliens wait in Newark's Third Precinct station before being deported.
Photo by NY Daily News
Dec 23, 2017
349 viewsPhoto by Bob PetersonDec 23, 2017
Unknown Group of Children276 viewsPhoto from LOCDec 22, 2017
In front of Lincoln Park260 viewsDec 17, 2017
246 viewsDec 17, 2017
233 viewsPhoto shows the hike lead by "General" Rosalie Jones from New York to Washington, D.C. for the March 3, 1913 National American Woman Suffrage Association parade. Photo taken in Newark, New Jersey on Broad Street, just north of West Kinney Street, on February 12, 1913. Rosalie Jones is walking behind the first car. The church before City Hall is Grace Episcopal ChurcDec 17, 2017
First to Die554 viewsShot when machine gunners cornered him with Dutch Schultz and a third gangster, Otto (Abadaba) Berman, one of the Dutchman's bodyguards, died early this morning at Newark City Hospital.

Photo by NY Daily News
Dec 16, 2017
Shotgun470 viewsMobster's shotgun left in getaway car which was abandoned after Dutch Schultz and three of his pals had been ambushed in a Newark restaurant.

Photo by Fred Morgan/NY Daily News
Dec 16, 2017
Recreation of the Assassination Scene497 viewsDetective Michael Beachman reenacts the scene in the Palace Chop House where gangster Dutch Schultz and three of his aides were shot to death.

Photo by Leonard Detrick/NY Daily News
Dec 16, 2017
Dutch Schultz & Max Silverman598 viewsArthur (Dutch Schultz) Flegenheimer (left) and his Bondsman, Max Silverman, leaving court a Newark, New Jersey, October 17, where the notorious gangster is held in $50,000 bail in his fight to escape extradition to New York City for trial on charge of evading the income tax laws.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 16, 2017
Bernard Rosenkrantz623 viewsBernard Rosenkrantz lies in operating room after he was shot down with gangster boss Dutch Schultz.

Photo by Windham/NY Daily News
Dec 16, 2017
Albert Stern548 viewsAlbert Stern, petty, narcotic using gunman, suspected in the murder of Arthur Flegenheimer, shown on a slab in a Newark Morgue, only 24 hours after Schultz had a breathed his last. Stern was found strangled to death in his bed in a Newark, N.J. rooming house. He was 21 years old.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 15, 2017
In the Morgue566 viewsBronx Beer Baron Bows Out. He beat many a rap, local, state, and Federal, but Arthur Flegenheimer, known as 'Dutch Schultz' big as he was, could not escape gangland justice. Here he is on a slab in the morgue of a Newark, New Jersey hospital.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 15, 2017
Newark City Hospital530 viewsDutch Schultz being wheeled to the Newark City Hospital morgue. He died of wounds inflicted by two gunmen as he sat in a Newark, New Jersey, cafe.

Photo by George Rinhart
Dec 15, 2017
Bernard Rosenkrantz572 viewsVictim in Schultz Shooting in Hospital. Newark, N.J.: Bernard Rosenkrantz, alleged bodyguard of Arthur (Dutch Schultz) Flegenheimer, in City Hospital for treatment of wounds received when he was shot down by unknown gunmen with Schultz and Leo Franks, in the Palace Bar and Grill on East Park Street here tonight.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 15, 2017
Removal from the Morgue502 viewsA keg of political dynamite is what police officials say the murder of 'Dutch' Schultz has uncovered. And while his bullet torn body lies on a slab and his enemies weep crocodile tears, police hunt his slayers. With a gaping bullet an inch wide in its side, the body of Arthur Flegenheimer, thus called 'Dutch' is removed from Newark morgue while the curious stand near, gaping at a fallen dictator.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 15, 2017
Assassination Scene528 viewsLeft to right, Officer Mills and Police Chief Harris at scene of Dutch Schultz shooting in Palace Bar and Grill.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 15, 2017
Assassination Scene532 viewsA Newark, New Jersey police officer examines a shattered mirror at the scene of the mob assassination of Arthur 'Dutch Schultz' Flegenheimer. Flegenheimer and three of his bodyguards, Otto Berman, Leo Frank, and Bernard Rosenkrantz, were fired upon by two unknown gunmen as they were dining at the steakhouse.Dec 15, 2017
Exterior of Bar527 viewsPhoto from the NY Daily NewsDec 15, 2017
Bar Interior688 viewsMachine gunners who mowed down Dutch Schultz and three aids in this Newark bierstube turned their weapons on the Bronx racketeer as he emerged from door at far end of bar where police are congregated.

Photo from the NY Daily News
Dec 15, 2017
Valiant 16297 viewsMembers of the 'Valiant 16' leave Newark in New Jersey on the first leg of their New York to Washington walk to attend President Woodrow Wilson's inauguration. They are campaigning for votes for women as part of the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Photo by Paul Thompson
Dec 15, 2017
Exterior of Bar535 viewsDec 15, 2017
Newspaper Headline477 viewsDec 15, 2017
Recreation of the Assassination Scene by a Reporter431 viewsDec 15, 2017
244 viewsFEBRUARY 28 1932: America's Chinese man of mystery, the almost legendary Mock Duck, national president of the Hip Sing Tong and reputedly the wealthiest of his race in this country, was the target of an assassin in Newark. The Dr. Fu Manchu of real life was shot down as he stepped from his eastern headquarters at 64 Mulberry St., Newark. shortly after 7:30 P.M. The bullet, fired almost pointblank, entered his neck and emerged through his right cheek. Treated at Newark City Hospital, the man whose slightest word is law in the gambling dens of Chinatowns from the Atlantic to the Pacific deserted his habitual Oriental calm and named his assailant as a young hatchet man known as Eng Pong Quong,

Photo by Walter Kelleher/NY Daily News
Dec 15, 2017
189 viewsFrom Scott D. SeligmanDec 15, 2017
288 viewsThomas Edison siting in Market Street Station waiting room before leaving for Florida.

Photo by Fred Morgan/NY Daily News
Dec 15, 2017
Greetings of the Sängerfest, Newark269 viewsNov 07, 2017
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