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Flegenheimer, Arthur (Dutch Schultz)


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Bar Interior710 viewsMachine gunners who mowed down Dutch Schultz and three aids in this Newark bierstube turned their weapons on the Bronx racketeer as he emerged from door at far end of bar where police are congregated.

Photo from the NY Daily News
In the Morgue590 viewsBronx Beer Baron Bows Out. He beat many a rap, local, state, and Federal, but Arthur Flegenheimer, known as 'Dutch Schultz' big as he was, could not escape gangland justice. Here he is on a slab in the morgue of a Newark, New Jersey hospital.

Photo from Bettmann
First to Die576 viewsShot when machine gunners cornered him with Dutch Schultz and a third gangster, Otto (Abadaba) Berman, one of the Dutchman's bodyguards, died early this morning at Newark City Hospital.

Photo by NY Daily News
Sidewalk Plaque218 viewsPhoto from M C Mays Pulliam
247 viewsFEBRUARY 28 1932: America's Chinese man of mystery, the almost legendary Mock Duck, national president of the Hip Sing Tong and reputedly the wealthiest of his race in this country, was the target of an assassin in Newark. The Dr. Fu Manchu of real life was shot down as he stepped from his eastern headquarters at 64 Mulberry St., Newark. shortly after 7:30 P.M. The bullet, fired almost pointblank, entered his neck and emerged through his right cheek. Treated at Newark City Hospital, the man whose slightest word is law in the gambling dens of Chinatowns from the Atlantic to the Pacific deserted his habitual Oriental calm and named his assailant as a young hatchet man known as Eng Pong Quong,

Photo by Walter Kelleher/NY Daily News
Shotgun493 viewsMobster's shotgun left in getaway car which was abandoned after Dutch Schultz and three of his pals had been ambushed in a Newark restaurant.

Photo by Fred Morgan/NY Daily News
Albert Stern561 viewsAlbert Stern, petty, narcotic using gunman, suspected in the murder of Arthur Flegenheimer, shown on a slab in a Newark Morgue, only 24 hours after Schultz had a breathed his last. Stern was found strangled to death in his bed in a Newark, N.J. rooming house. He was 21 years old.

Photo from Bettmann
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